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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

"1.2200000 RATIO"
I have noticed it very recently that how and to what extend the voiceless millions like Ex- Service men community could be taken for a ride, to say the least, by the designated authorities.
I intend to name this riding game as "1: 2200000 ratio" and  all  my future write ups approved for publication in this blog will appear under the same caption of "1: 2200000 ratio".
First of all let me explain this ratio for the benefit of all. There is an old adage in Tamil meaning that " it is the already injured leg that will again get injured". This applies eminently to the plight of XSM community belonging to POTO category. Once beaten we are continued to be beaten. Once cheated we are continued to be cheated. The million dollar question is  why is it so? This is where the 1:2200000 ratio will help us to unravel the mystery.
Whenever an issue of XSM is brought up for consideration, the authorities invariably assess the financial impact  of it and estimate the expenditure for the same. They invariably find that if a POTO is to be given a benefit of 1 rupee, the government incurs an expenditure of 2200000 rupees, as there are 2200000 POTO veterans in India as on today. When it comes to officers the ratio is only 1:200000.
So the higher ratio becomes always the target of financial wizards, sitting in the decision making bodies and they start adversely working with the proposals of POTOs to ensure maximum possible saving in the establishment budget of MOD. This ratio of 1:2200000 makes them to deny us or discriminate against us, what is legitimately due to us. Now you know the importance of this ratio. This is the most dangerous stick with which we are always beaten up. We are the hidden agenda of this 1:2200000 ratio.
There is another old adage which means," if you know to steal you should also know to cover it ".  In the same way, they want to deny us but they also want to make sure that we do not know about it. This could be achieved by the popularly known British strategy of  ' divide and rule'. The party that is benefited out of this strategy will be used to ensure our silence. They get 2 mangoes by throwing one stone. We are denied and we are silenced.
In their priority to ensure that we do not speak up, we are neatly kept out of all decision making processes and bodies although we constitute 95-96% of the XSM veterans community in the guise of same old and stale argument that it is the responsibility of officers to take care of the welfare of men. How it applies to veterans community is anybody' s guess. We are sermonised to accept what is given to us in the pretext of ' ethos and discipline ' of the defence forces. Even the serving police officers and IAS officers are permitted to form their own association to collectively voice their grievances. The central government employees have a JCM, through which they can voice their grievances. But the POTOs have no official platform at all to get our grievances redressed.
We will have to strengthen and develop AFVAI into a strong Voice of POTOs and as a credible platform to voice our grievances and seek redressal.
I will start writing about specific instances of denial and discrimination done to us under this column. If you have anything to say or share do so on my e- mail id mpkaran1955@gmail.com.
Sgt MPKaran (Retd)
AFVAI, Karnataka.


  1. Karan sir, your article is deftly put, your minute observations over the issue are good.