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Friday, 2 October 2015

AFVAI bids adieu to UFESM & now it is purely an IESM political stunt at JM for their ulterior motives

AFVAI was one of the early associations to join UFESM in the agitation for OROP. Our contribution in the conduct of agitation,  especially the RHS & FUD was substantial.No doubt Maj.Gen  Satbir Singh representing IESM was also active in the agitation. Since IESM was an old association with lots of financial resources, they have been creating a false impression right from day one that the IESM is solely responsible for the conduct of the agitation. Further they have been misusing the venue of Jantar Mandir to collect funds for IESM.

Although some of the constituents of the UFESM including the Chairman of UFESM objected to all these, Maj Gen. Satbir Singh and his team consisting of Gp.Capt VK Gandhi and Wg. Cdr CK Sharma made no efforts to build the bridge. On the other hand they started ignoring the constituents who opposed their wrong path  and even ill treated Col Inderjeet Singh,the Chairman of UFESM who is a respected & disabled war veteran

They had the audacity to say that this agitation is an exclusive show of IESM and those who have objections can leave. They have also stopped consulting other constituents of UFESM and started taking unilateral decisions, some of which were not in the best interests of the ESM community as a whole.

Needless to say they were exploiting the numerical strength of JCOs & NCOs as well. They were using them as human shields to wage the war of OROP for which, in our opinion, the officers are not eligible at all. In short the welfare and interests of the JCOs & NCOs are not in their mind but only want to take advantage of  their numerical strength.

In spite of all these constraints AFVAI stood firmly with the UFESM all through the agitation. But of late Maj.Gen Satbir Singh & team started misbehaving with our Chairman which has not only hurt him badly but also put the AFVAI in an embarrassing position. The arrogant attitude of IESM towards other constituents of UFESM and their tendency to treat the whole show as an IESM event made us to take the painful decision of parting with the UFESM in which IESM is a constituent.

We would also like to make it clear that the reason for such a decision by AFVAI is the unreasonable and anti- JCOs & NCOs  attitude of IESM, Maj.Gen Satbir Singh & his team. They are solely responsible for this episode.



  1. 1. Maj Gen SS ill treated AFVAI CHAIRMAN. Hence AFVAI bids adieu to UFFXSM. Good.

  2. Maj Gen Satbir Singh was interested to get OROP mainly because the officers ranks would be benefited in large. In regard to PBOR it would not fetch more difference' however the OROP is very much justified for PBOR as this segment is poorly paid and employed in Armed Forces on a contract period such as 9 years + 6 years and so on. Edward