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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Sub : Introduction & Adaptation of code of conduct for Members/Office Bearers
It is mandatory for any organization to have a code of conduct adherence by every single member to take care of the interest of the members in particular and to deliver social justice at large.  AFVAI has members across the length &  breadth of this country with varying problems, who look forward to this Association to represent their problems with other Agencies at appropriate level, at the helm with Government of India.  As such members, Office bearers at state level/Central level are assigned certain duties/responsibilities to carryout for taking the Association all along for the smooth functioning and achieving the Goal.  To the contrary it will be like pulling a chariot with horses in different direction never reaching the desired destination.  Therefore, adherence of Code of Conduct by all has become immediate necessity. The areas covered are given below.
The Central office bearers including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Gen Secretary and the Treasurer will be the Executive body of the organization.  They may collectively take the decision for the day to day administration of the organization.  The chairman will preside over the meeting of Executive body.  This can also be performed through online.

1. Preparing agenda before going for any meet.
2. Meeting press/publishing materials in all Medias.
3. Deal with all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
 4. Spokes person for AFVAI

Preparing Agenenda before Meeting with outside agency
A)  The executive committee will make agenda for any discussion with outside agency. They may call for the suggestion of ordinary members in this regard before finalization of agenda. The Gen Secretary on behalf of all the four will sign & send the documents to outside agencies.
 The persons designated for discussion with Government body.
1)   Chairman
2)   Gen Secretary
3)   Treasurer
B). Meeting press/publishing materials in all Medias
This can be performed by any of the members of executive committee on behalf of the association  after mutual consent in a manner not hurting the sentiments of other members.
C. Handling the correspondence.
This can be handled by The Chairman & Gen Secretary Individually without duplication of work.
D. Spokes person for AFVAI
The Chairman, Gen Secretary & the Treasurer shall be the official spokes persons of the association.
Code of conduct for all members including office bearers
1)No member shall communicate with other in a manner showing disrespect to each other. If any member behaves in such a manner, it is the prime responsibility of other member to bring the same to the notice of Disciplinary action committee instead of reciprocating in the same manner.
2)No member shall write to outside organization on behalf of association until unless specifically authorized to do so.
3)No member shall work or communicate in a manner detrimental to the interest of the association.

Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC)
A Disciplinary Action Committee is constituted for the above purpose.
The committee shall consist of a Chairman and two members.
All complains against any member to be forwarded to the Chairman with all facts & necessary proof.
The chairman will call for an online the meeting of the committee after the receipt of such complaints from any member.
The committee will go in to the details of the charges against the member & may call for explanation from the member concerned. He should be given sufficient time to defend himself. If found guilty by a majority decision, the committee at its discretion may award reprimand or severe reprimand for the first time if the offense is of minor in nature and if the offense committed is grave the committee may expel the member from the association without giving him any further chance for correction.The expulsion from the association automatically results in the forfeiture of his membership  & interests if any in the association.

If either the chairman or any member of the disciplinary committee himself is under cloud or investigation, he shall step aside forthwith  until the inquiry is complete and will revert to the committee once he is exonerated completely. In such a situation, if necessary, the MDM may nominate an ad hoc chairman or a member to the DAC in place of the person who is under cloud.

 The Chairman & members are
1.Dr.P. Murugeasan (Chairman)
2.Mr. Mahananda Biswas (Member)
3.Mr M Prbhakaran (Member)
This code of conduct & Discipline rules comes into force with effect from Monday, the 19th day of October, 2015.
HFO MP Sharma.Mohanaranagan.MBC Menon
MDM                            MDM                      MDM

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