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Thursday, 26 November 2015


The seventh CPC, in it's report, submitted to the GOI on 19th Nov 2015, has made the following recommendation relating to Military Service Pay (MSP):-
"5.2.22 The defence forces personnel, in addition to their pay as per the Matrices above, will be entitled to payment of Military Service Pay for all ranks up to and inclusive of Brigadiers and their equivalents. The Commission recommends an MSP for the four categories of Defence forces personnel at ₹15,500 for the Service Officers, ₹10,800 for Nursing Officers, ₹5,200 for JCO/ORs, and ₹3,600 for Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force per month."
The recommendation implies that JCOs & NCOs are likely to get only 33.3% of the MSP payable to the officers, even much less than what has been recommended for the Military Nursing Service officers.
The commission perhaps has blindly followed the cold arithmetic relating to MSP, evolved by the sixth CPC without verification of the ground realities.
Why should the MSP be computed on the basis of status and salary level, when everyone - be him an Officer or a Nursing Officer or a JCO/OR faces the same hazard, hardship, dangers and deprivation in any location?
One can understand  why the House Rent Allowance(HRA) and Travel Allowance(TA) etc are calculated on the basis of the pay one draws and the position that one holds. But the MSP  clearly does not fall under that category. MSP is not about arithmetic; it is more about humanity. It is an insult to our common sense , if one says that a highly paid person feels more pain, hardship and hazard in comparison with his low paid subordinate posted in the same forward post!
Even in other countries like the US, the pay and allowances relating to military service, hazardous duty etc are paid uniformly to all ranks at fixed rates irrespective of the status of the person and the salary grade held by him. I am sure it may be so in many other foreign countries as well.
The nature does not look at one's status or salary level and so are our enemies.
* It rains on all of us equally;
* the cold bites the flesh of every one equally;
* the hazard and hardship one faces in hard living and tough terrains are the same;
* the adverse psychological impact due to longtime separation from the family and loved one are the same for everyone;
* the pain of injury caused due to enemy action is as intense to me as anyone else;
* my life and limbs are of equal value to my wife and children as the life of an Officer is to his wife and children;
* the threat to life from enemy and exposure to such dangerous environment are in fact more on the case of JCOs & ORs, than the commissioned and nursing officers.
* The JCOs & ORs live closer to death and threats than the officers. The why is this differential MSP??
As a matter of fact, the JCOs & ORs are more exposed to the vagaries of adverse climatic conditions and harsh and dangerous environment than the officers. I clearly recall that when I was posted to a forward eastern sector airbase in 1976-80, we the technicians used to get up at 2.00 am and pedal our way 4 to 5 kms to the tarmac of our squadron through dense forest stretch infested with pythons and jackals in order to make the aircraft ready for early morning flying at 6.00 am. The technical officers and the pilots would arrive by  official four wheelers only at that time. Similarly after night flying exercises, the officers will pack up immediately after the flying is over by 9.00 pm. But we used to stay back sometimes upto 1.00 am to make those aircraft ready for next morning's flying and travel by bicycle to billets through the same dangerous forest areas.  One day it so happened that when two of us were returning by  bicycle at midnight after night flying, a very huge python was lying across the road covering the entire width of the road. The sheer size of the snake frozen us to the bones. It would have frozen the bones of any courageous man, for that matter. We did not know what to do. We cannot pedal over it and there is no other road to take.  We went back to the squadron, called up the ATC and requested them to send a fire tender to run it over the snake and crushed it to death. Thereafter we pedalled through that very road to reach the billet by 2.00 am. I donot think the situation is any different even today in those forward areas! May be some bases are much more dangerous and hazardous. Many of our veteran brothers especially from the Army and Navy might have experienced much more serious and dangerous situations while they were in active service!
Above all,  clause 6.2.110 of the seventh CPC report states that   "the superannuation of defence personnel, particularly Other Ranks (ORs) at a younger age, is also a factor that has been considered"  for the purpose of MSP.
It means the amount of MSP should also include a reasonable compensation for early retirement. When a Brigadier who retires at 54 years of age get 15500/- as MSP, how much more a sepoy or Havildar who is retired at 32-37 years of age and exposed to much greater dangers and hardship than the Brigadier, should get? 
But the clause 5.2.22 of the report relating to MSP, does not reflect any of the above points. It just has not only continued with but also multiplied the discrimination meted out by the sixth CPC, by a factor of 2.57. That's it!
We therefore make an appeal to the Government Of India, through this public space to review the whole issue of MSP before according approval to the recommendation made by the seventh CPC in this regard. We make a strong case in favour of paying same amount of  MSP to all ranks of the defence forces.
Sgt MPKaran
AFVAI, Karnataka Chapter.


  1. The infantry jawan along with the submariners are the most exposed & the AF personnel specially all non fliers are the least exposed to danger
    So why dont you say that AF personnel should get less than the infantry
    Your posts are only to get people behind you & have no real value
    Officers have to show initiative
    & show the way i.e. lead by example.Majority of officers do it though around some are not exposed.
    Since Services are based on ranks ,every thing is awarded by rank
    I really doubt whether you will publish this.How ever kindly have an over all view before you publish any thing in a public forum

  2. Military service pay and disability elements should be equally applicable for all. Because all are working for safety and security of the nation principles

  3. Why anonymous is getting annoyed with Mr. MP karans article in which he explained that since the introduction of MSP there is a vast differnce between officers and jcos and other ranks and it is a real fact and in seventh cpc also same is repeated. If in military every thing goes as per ranks why a junior most leutanent to a General MSP is same and anonymous feels all have the same responsibility in officer cadre..Only sitting in the office and taking initiative alone will not do. Number of people dying in action also should be taken in the account.

  4. Yes, I agree with Mr Vivekananda Pandey. The MSP should be equal to all.

  5. There is no benefit of this to write in the blog please connect direct to DM alongwith these point like officers, they are always live in the connection to DM/Pay Commission and CGDA and other agencies to implement their demands.

  6. Writing in the blog is to give awareness to fellow PBORs the happenings in the defense surroundings and not for getting benefit out of it.Officers got benefit not through live connection to DM/Paycommision but through court intervention only and many officers are not aware of it.

  7. Suggestions with regard to 7CPC, specific to department concerned , are sought by Dept of expenditure, MoF vide D.O.No.1-4/2015-E.III(A) dt.21.11.15 addressed to Ashok Kumar Gupta, Secretary in MoD . In this letter it is stated that views of service associations also to be obtained for consideration. As there is no association for armed forces, AFVAI can submit our suggestions to the MoD and copy to MoF quoting this letter with respdct to issues such as MSP.

  8. It is requested that, If suggestions are sought by MOF and DOE on the issue of recommendations of 7cpc in respect of MSP and other annomali for Pbors We ESM and AFVAI should come forward to submit their suggestions quoting above letter and our beloved GOD fathers will never take up the issue which will not benefit them.

  9. What happened of arrears pre-2006 for pbor only ?

  10. (Just remembering one joke:
    There are three policies in the Armed Forces of a developing country who was under the British rule for many years. The rest of the files were taken by the British when they left that country. Those three policies are:
    (i) Pay and promotion policy of the commissioned officers
    (ii) Civilian’s welfare
    (iii) Discipline of the other ranks)

  11. While pursuing my BSc I was lured by the attractive advertisement of the Air Force. Immaturity of my age drew my attention to join in the Indian Air Force as a Technical Airman. Now, look at the benefits of joining in the Indian Air Force as a technical airman:-
    (a) My discharge book says, I am released from the Air Force after completing my initial bond. That means, although I am drawing a government pension, I was on a contractual job, not a permanent job. (Long sigh!)
    (b) Being recruited as a diploma qualified person, I was called a ‘Fitter’ in the Indian Air Force.
    (c) I was an OR in the service and after the retirement also facing the same discrimination whenever I visit to a CSD canteen or an ECHS polyclinic. Still I am recognised as an OR in those places.
    (d) I served in the Indian Air Force for twenty years as a group ‘X’ technical airman (equivalent to a diploma engineer) and thereby did the servicing, maintenance and repair of two modern aircrafts but enjoyed the restriction to remain in the lowest pay band throughout my career. Now, I am drawing very less pension accordingly.
    (e) I am now thinking that was it difficult for me even to get a clerical job, in which I could have reached to the Pay band 3 or pay band 4 in due course, whereas the highest rank of an airmen also can’t reach in pay band 3.
    (f) I am now cursing me for spoiling my life by taking the decision of joining in the Indian Air Force as a technical Airman.

  12. During pre-independence British era, we had whites and the Indians and now we have the officers and the men in the Armed Forces. We got the freedom but the powers only transferred from the white hands to the brown hands and the laws remain the same. British used to take care of their officer’s welfare selfishly and resorted to various disciplinary policies of the subordinate ranks only. I hope, we are not abiding by the same mentality even after 67th years of independence also. We are a completely independent country now. We must feel proud to be an Indian. Why to follow age old Act and rules? Can’t we move forward with our own sets of rules? Aristocratic rules have no place in a flight safety atmosphere. Same way, suppression and oppression also have no place in a democratic country. Equality, opportunity and respect for each and every citizens of this country can only make us a strong global power. What is the purpose of purchasing those costly flying machines or weapons if the soldiers who will operate or maintain those have low morale, sense of prejudice or a sense of neglect? The good politicians and the bureaucrats must step in at the earliest, for the sake of the country’s prosperity, safety and security.
    Ex Sgt AK

  13. When there is equal standard for physical fitness, except Basic Pay all the other allowances like clothing allowance, High altitude allowance, MSP and Field area allowance must be equal for all combatant members of the armed forces.