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Monday, 16 November 2015


Dear All,
We are in process of seeking an appointment with Raksha Mantri and we are very hopeful in getting it. In this regard, we are preparing agenda to be put up on the desk of RM when invited. 
You all therefore requested to share your viewpoint to be included in agenda. Please ensure that your point is short, sweet, logical and justifiable with some data/examples so we can convince him.


  1. To the current notification with regard to the OROP, what is the most important single issue that needs to be taken up with utmost priority?
    In other words, what would be that one point which would have the largest impact in near future involving the largest number of present and future pensioners?
    To me it is - the revision of pension compulsorily along with the every pay commission,(without diluting the demand for revision of pension every year) because after every pay commission the disparities between the past and the present pensioners is the highest. In the present form, to go by the notification, the next equalisation will happen in 2019, may be based on the average of minimum and maximum of pensions received during 2018, where as next pay commission will be implemented wef .1.01.2016. I think in its present form of notification, (if the 5 year revision period continues) we will be more benefited in the long run if the OROP were implemented wef 01.1.2016 based on the average pension received during the year 2016, in stead of it being implemented wef 01.06.2014 based on the average pension of 2013.
    What is your point of view?
    I think various organisations representing ex-servicemen should take up this issue on priority.

  2. Broad banding disability pension for defence vets for all cases at present mod implemented only for invalided out from service. Supreme Court approved broad banding percentage for all. Request rise the issue

  3. The veterans should be taken in to confidence before taking any final decision on the matter related to pay, pensions and welfare of Veterans JCO/ORs and serving PBORs. Serving soldiers has no voice. We should request govt. to adopt it as a policy. PBORs Veterans are in majority We should be allowed to play a roll in the decision making.

  4. The Orop should be maximum of the scale, revision after every 3 yrs and every one should also get the benefit of 7th pay commission

  5. The Orop should be maximum of the scale, revision after every 3 yrs and every one should also get the benefit of 7th pay commission

  6. Dear Mr.SK Singh, If you have got a chance to meet Hon.DM please include this point for the welfare of Pre1983 jun, retired Veteran.There is a letter issued by MOD dating 1983 jun which states that more than three months served will be taken as half year for calculating total qualifying years for pension which is beneficial to pre1983 veterans,as the earlier rule was more than six months will be counted as six months Pension benefit. In the MOD letter the effective date was not mentioned and AFT verdict is there to support this. If required I can forward this.

  7. Dear Mr.SK Singh,
    your intention is good you are asking points from veterans for the meeting with DM are you sure DM have powers to change the circulars? if yes please request him to implement 6cpc recommendations in its true spirit and in the CCS recommendation of 2012 they removed pro-rata for officers the same benefit to be extended to us regarding OROP in my personnel opinion it is not going to implemented for a longer period so I can not say anything right now what ever possible try to get some financial benefit for our brothers
    wish you best of luck

  8. This point is already implemented. QS above 3 mths is taken 6 mths.

  9. Dear SK Singh Ji,
    1. The following points may please be considered for discussion with the Honourable DM:-
    (a) 7th pay commission benefits may please be extended to veterans also wef 01 Jan 2016 as applicable to others. There is a chain mail going on that the DM told that the same is not applicable to veterans. Hence, It is better to clarify the same from the DM itself.
    (b)Benefit of broad banding of disability pension be extended to all applicable disabled veterans (Those who retired on completion of terms of engagement with disability pension) as per Honourable Supreme Court Verdict dated 10 Dec 2014. The Govt has so far given the benefits to the applicants only. Many disabled veterans from villages are not aware of this benefit.
    (c) Instead of taking average of maximum and minimum for OROP, maximum may only please be taken into consideration for OROP. This will satisfy almost all veterans. If this is implemented most of the veterans will be happy and base year, date of implementation and revision in every 5 years will not matter much.
    (d) Veterans may please be permitted to purchase the medicines which are not available in ECHS and reimburse the amount.
    (e) Giving six months to judicial commission which will be looking into issued related to OROP is a long one. Maximum two months or at the most three months is enough .

  10. Circular 547 may please be asked to change into the language of Circular 548 effected from 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012.