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Friday, 29 January 2016


We have just finished celebrating the 67th Republic Day of our country with all pomp and show. The high light of the celebration was the 'Republic Day Parade' in which the President of India and the Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces received salute from the marching contingents.  The marching soldiers were so smartly turned out in their colourful uniform, head gear and with their medals proudly pinned in their chests. Their moustaches  were coloured and twisted to look up as a symbol of their courage and combatant capability. As they marched swinging their arms upto the level of their head and in tune with the bands playing various patriotic tunes like  "Sareh jahaje acchahai, humara Hindustan" etc, the crowds cheered them up loudly perhaps making the Chief guest who is usually a head of a foreign government seated in the dias to wonder as to why their armed forces are not doing the same thing on their national days!  He might have been  later on told by his Armed Forces Commander that the soldiers are meant to fight the enemy and not to put up a colourful show during National Day celebrations. There could be another view point that one needs show case only those things that one is lacking in reality. Is it not true that when our bed is dirty then we spread a colourful bed sheet to cover it?; when we put up a board in public offices not to pay bribe is it not obvious that the officials are corrupt and take bribe; if we advertise swaach bharat, do we not acknowledge that we are dirty? I only hope and pray that the Republic Day parades do not fall in that category. It does not by  mistake convey an entirely opposite image of our efficient and capable armed forces!!
The second important highlight of the event was our Prime Minister leading the nation in paying the tribute to the brave hearts of our country by laying  a wreath on the platform of Amar Jawan Jyothi at India Gate before the commencement of the parade. The place was so tastefully decorated with colourful flowers and plants; the brass vessels in which the Jyothi is lit 24x7  polished to the gilt and shining; the PM arrived in his cavalcade and received by the DM and his MOS along with all the three chiefs of the Armed Forces; placed a wreath carried by two slow marching soldiers while 21 guns boom to salute the solemn occasion. The whole ceremony was  meticulously planned and organised with military precision.
No doubt the ceremony looked grand and fabulous but it appeared more of a mechanical and text book ceremony, wherein the rituals were given precedence than the realities. One couldn't help asking the question to himself : were they there to truly pay their respect to the soldiers who have laid their lives today for the tomorrow of their fellow countrymen so that they will have a safe and secured future forever? Somehow I did not feel the presence of that kind of a spirit.
It was also devoid of the sensitivity that such solemn occasion demanded. People should have avoided wearing  attire of dazzling and dashing colours like gold, yellow or pink which are worn only during festivals. I am sure they were not there to celebrate the sacrifice of the martyrs but to pay obeisance to the soldiers who have died for the national cause! How can people ignore such niceties and etiquette?
Neither this government nor the future ones would stop such  grand celebrations just because of this article. But they can attempt to pay true tribute and show real respect to those soldiers who have laid down their life for the safety of their fellow country men, at least in the coming years, by treating the serving soldiers and the surviving former soldiers  with the dignity that they deserve and by recognising their genuine needs and aspirations! Now one gets an impression that one should  be 'dead' to get recognition and respect and the survivors are treated as past baggage passed on to them; as intruders who have become a burden. This applies equally to any  government irrespective of the party to which they belong to.
The question is what are the genuine needs and aspirations of the serving soldiers and the surviving former soldiers ? Let me list them  out for the ready reference:
(a) Kindly do away with the feudal practice of making the young and combatant soldiers to work as "orderlies" in the homes of their officers;
(b) Kindly formulate a fair and just pension scheme written in simple and easily understandable language for the soldiers who are required to retire very early to keep the profile of the forces young and fighting fit. This must be different from the pension scheme of all others who retire later;
(c) Kindly provide adequate and reasonable RESETTLEMENT schemes  for early retirees to smoothly change over and settle down in their civil life;
(d) Kindly evolve a mechanism whereby  every soldier - serving or retired is able to express his views and opinion in matters of his service conditions like pay, pension and other facilities and not to depend exclusively on the recommendations of officers on such matters;
(e) Kindly treat all soldiers equally irrespective of their rank in all sensitive matters like compensation payable after death due to war and terrorist attacks; Military Service Pay and all other risk related allowances;
(f) Kindly introduce President's awards to personnel other than officers also. Presently most of these awards are only for officers  thereby giving a wrong impression that others do nothing worth to recognise;
(g) Kindly ensure that the defence housing societies like Army Welfare Housing Organisation and Air Force Naval Housing Board build a minimum of  75% of the units as small budget houses affordable by the personnel of lower ranks. Currently these housing societies construct houses which are affordable only at the level of senior level officers;
(h) Kindly introduce much more efficient and equitable medical facility, which would treat every soldier equally without difference or discrimination with an effective grievance mechanism in built to redress immediately whenever any discrimination is reported;
(j) Kindly ensure that all post retirement facilities and benefits meant for Ex Servicemen are available equally to all irrespective of their rank and status.
(k) The state sainik welfare boards should have an executive council to be elected through secret ballot by the Ex Servicemen registered in the respective sainik boards;
(l) Presently all the CSD canteens cater to both officers and others; both the serving and retired. It would be better to have exclusive canteens for the Ex Servicemen retired from other ranks as their number is huge in any city or town.
(m) Kindly implement the ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP) which has already been notified without any further delay. Also accept and implement the legal pronouncements on delinking full pension with 33 years service, immediately.
Hopefully our political bosses would understand the urgent necessity of redressing the above grievance points before the next Republic Day Celebrations on 26th January 2017. That will only be the true tribute and respect they can pay to the martyrs!.
Jai Jawan!        Amar Jawan!!
Karnataka Chapter


  1. Where is arrears pre-2006 for pbor wef 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012, you are talking orop.

    1. Dear Sir,
      You are keeping quite & even remain as anonymous instead come out disclose yourself & join one of the ESM association not necessarily ours & ask them to take up your case

  2. I am a member of IESL wef Jun 2006 and doing service as per my capability.

  3. Some blogs clearly sketch out psyche n inner turmoil of blogger...tht anyone can decipher....

  4. Some blogs clearly sketch out psyche n inner turmoil of blogger...tht anyone can decipher....