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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


It is our right to know how we are treated by our so called bosses who only find ways to make us suffer monetarily and compel our children and our family live in miserable condition. A delegation of AFVAI met JS DESW in the month of Nov, 2015 and submitted her a memorandum concerning some anomalies and relating to that representation. We have received a twisted and manipulated reply of that representation nearly after 60 days. We are referring to letter NO1(4)/2015/D(Pen/Pol) MOD, DESW  D(Pension/policy dated 04.01 .2016.
1.       The para 2 reply is far away from truth and in resolution  of 29.08.2008 under 6 cpc it was not where mentioned that Minimum fitment tables  for soldiers will be divided by 33 to apply pension pro rata but it was made pro rata by CLARIFICATORY NOTES dt  03.10.2010 AND 14.10.2010. WHICH WERE QUASHED BY COURT LATER. The application of 33 yrs mandate is quashed in court,also raised in SCOVA meeting and lying with Finance Min for decision. By this provision soldiers were to be benefited most so our high ranked officers colluded with powerful bureaucrats to derail the benefits for soldiers and plotted against us in the form of so called clarificatory notes and confused the whole good process in the legal labyrinth where powerful won and got benefits and poor soldiers even could not even muster courage due to financial constraints. The money saved in this conspiracy was divided between our officers and bureaucrats and civilians in the name of modified parity and sham OROP for soldiers by forming CSC committee which was formed only for soldiers but recommended benefits for civilians also.It was nothing but be fooling poor veterans and finding ways how to appease our high ranked officers by extending certain illegal benefits to them by changing their Min Fit Tables on 24.09.2012 by taking recourse of Min Fit Tables of Hon Lts and Capts which confirmed in cir 542 and in this letter at Para no 5  which will be dealt with in detail.
2.       Before delving deep into this anomaly, we would like to present one more glaring anomaly in our pension. Our pension is less than the Enhanced rate of ordinary family pension and this is totally unreasonable and illegal. As per cir 502 and also extant rules EOFP may be 100% but not more than that but our pension is far far below to EOFP. We are surprised to see that this glaring anomaly is not paid attention to. Our officers did not object to this anomaly knowingly that if they had objected to this, our pension would have been increased and there would have been no fund left for their manipulated NOTIONAL MIN FIT TABLES WHICH ARE SET FROM 104 % FROM THE UPPER END OF 5 CPC.
3.       Now let us come to the reply at para 5 of this letter and which says “As Para 4(b) of representation , it is mentioned that minimum guaranteed pension of regular Lt and Capt was enhanced upto Honorary Lt and Capt as they are junior than regular Lt and Capt as seniors should not draw less pension than juniors.”
4.        This reply   By Mr Manoj Sinha under secretary ( Pen / Policy) has given us a very powerful weapon in our hands and the same can be used in courts against the so called nexus between our high ranked officers and beaurocrats who reap benefits by themselves as they are powerful and snatch the fruits of benefits from the real poor recipients.
5.       Dear Sinha sir, as soon as you apply the above principle between honorary ranks officers and regular ranks officers, the same can also  mean that honorary ranks are junior to regular ranks and Junior cannot get more pension than senior. A hon Lt or  capt comes into existence only after serving for more than 26 yrs and how can the benefits of more than 26 be transferred to a lt who has just served for one month and drawing his first salary on the basis of Min Fit Tables.Let us apply the same to other Hon ranks and Junior ranks as these are two different aspects. First Let us take hon ranks of NK, Hav and Hon Nb sub and by this principle a Nk of 10 yr, a Hav of 15 yr and a Nb Sub of 15 yrs is senior to a hon NK of 18 rs, Hon  Hav of 20yr and Hon Nb sub of 24 yrs and pension of Regular ranks should not  be less than hon ranks.
6.       A sub of 15 yrs is senior to a Nb sub of 26 yrs and as per above his pension should not be less than a Nb sub of 26 yrs.
7.       Dear Sinha Sir, The Min fit tables of officers were manipulated and there was no such scope to sanction benefits to officers wef 24.09.2012 on the basis of min fit atbles which became Notional maximum as soon as the min fit tables of Hon Lt and Capts were transferred to regular Lts and Capts
8.       Dear SinhaSir, we are sorry to say that officers tables on 24.09.2012 are notional Maximum and on Notional Maximum the order of court do not apply for arrears wef 01.01.2006 as they have been paid wef 01.01.2006 as per cir 548 and an illegal payment has been made to them.
9.       If officers are made payments of arrears on the basis of NOTIONAL MAXIMUM by violating the court orders why not for us? Kindly make our payment on the basis of 24.09.2012 figures or recover the illegal payment made to officers before it is challenged in court where a very pitiable condition will occur.
10.   Dear SinhaSir, officers have been benefited in respect of Dis Pen, war injury pension. Liberalized pension  , Family pension and payment made to new entrants on the basis of notional Maximum.
11.   Dear SinhaSir, take pains to reset our min fit tables with the same ratio as that of LT AND capts from 104 % of upper end of 5 cpc.


  1. Good write up. Decent words used while pointing out the anomalies. Keep it up sir.
    One thing I want to point out regarding Enhanced Rate of Family pension. EOFP is 50% of emolument of soldier, where as the pension of soldier is prorata, 33 yrs is taken for full pension. That is why the EOFP works out to be more than husband 's pension. It is OK if our families get more pension. Let us not treat it as an issue, It is my personnel view.
    Sgt.S.Kanthiah, veteran, Exwel Trust.

    Sgt.Mahendrasinh fulani, veteran.gujarat.