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Friday, 5 February 2016


After a real long long wait the much awaited OROP tables have been released.  Let us rejoice and thank our DM for making at least this much possible.
As expected only those who have retired in  senior ranks and after long years of service are more benefited than those who have retired early.
This is definitely against the very spirit for which the OROP was demanded like early retirement and curtailment of PBORs pension to 50% in 1973 etc.  Anyway they are all history now and there is no point in discussing them here. However they can be taken up with the OMJC, appointed to look into the OROP anomalies.These grounds have nevertheless, served their purpose, atleast for others!.
Now let us analyse whether we have  correctly been  given OROP as per the notification issued by the GOI on 07.11.2015? Whether the tables have been prepared on real time data of pensioners discharged/ retired in calender year 2013?
I have my own doubts. Although initially I have also estimated the OROP exactly as per the tables notified yesterday, when I sat down to calculate it on real time basis, I have realised that my initial estimate was utterly wrong.
Let me give an illustration of my own case. By the way I have been given to understand that  some of my veteran brothers from Army and Navy have a complaint against me that all illustrations used in my write ups are only related to group X Sgts retired from Air Force after 15 years of service. Let me clarify this for the benefit of all. I do so because that is my own data which are readily available with me and they are authentic. If I have to illustrate the cases of Army or Navy, I ought to depend on others and they are second hand data - accuracy of which cannot be verified by me. Hope now I have all your permission to illustrate my own data.
As per the  OROP table notified on 03 Feb 2016, my OROP has been indicated as 8585/- ( GP X Sgt with 15 years of service). This means that the mean average of the minimum and maximum pension sanctioned to group X Sergeants retired after serving 15 years during the calender year 2013 is 8585/-.
As per the information obtained under RTI by Mr. Biswas, president WB Chapter of AFVAI, the maximum pension of Sergeants retired in the year 2013 with 15 years of service is 9475/-. From this information the minimum pension can be calculated as follows:-
8585x2=17170 (minus) 9475= 7695/-, which is the minimum pension. Incidentally, this figure is the minimum pension of a 15 years X group non - diploma sergeant, as on 01.01.2006. I am at loss to understand how can the minimum pension of 2006 be taken as the minimum pension of 2013? In all fairness both the ' minimum' and the  'maximum'  pension taken for OROP calculation should pertain to the same cut off year 2013. There is something seriously wrong and the OROP has not been calculated as per the relevant provisions of the notification dated 07.11.2015.
Then what could be the minimum pension of the above Sgt in 2013? In order to arrive at the correct minimum pension we must go back to the year 1998 ( 2013-15= 1998) in which this Sgt was recruited as an Airman - equivalent to Sepoy in Army and Seaman in Navy. If this recruit has to become a Sgt in 2013, even in the worst scenario, he should have at least been promoted as Corporal, (equivalent to Naik of Army and Leading Seaman of Navy) in the middle of his service, say after 7 years of service (normally an airman becomes CPL in 5 years of service). Then promotion as Sgt after 14 years service. Again this is the worst possible scenario since an X group airman normally becomes Sgt in 11-12 years of service. I have taken the worst possible promotion cases so that we can calculate the REAL TIME MINIMUM MOST PENSION IN 2013 so that our calculation is realistic.
Let us now prepare his pay chart from 1998 through 2013:
LAC (4025-60-4925)      -4025
01.01.05. 4025+(60×7) =4445
(7 increments 01/99- 01/2015)
15.01.05 Promoted as
CPL(4150-70-5200) &
Pay fixed at                      - 4570
01.01.06 - 4570+(70×1) =4640
(1 increment on 01/01/06)
6th CPC   -14440
01.07.06 - 14820
01.07.07 - 15210
01.07.08 - 15610
01.07.09 - 16020
01.07.10 - 16440
01.07.11 - 16880
01.01.12 - Promo as Sgt.
Pay fixed- 17730
01.07.12 - 18210
31.01.13 - DISCHARGE
PENSION -18210 / 2= 9105/-
So the  minimum real time pension in the worst promotion case as above is 9105/- and NOT 7695/- taken by the MOD while preparing the table. The data would be the same in Army and Navy as well. If the entire classification pay is included the figure could be little higher - some where between 9150 - 9200, let us take the average figure of 9175/-.
The OROP then in the ABOVE case should be:
9475+9175= 18650/2= 9325/-
So the official figure is less by 9325-8585= 740/ per month in Basic Pension.
I hope that I made myself clear. We have indeed been taken for a ride. The ratio of 1:2200000 continues  to play an adverse  role in our cases. The OROP table notified is an attempt to save approx. 4000 crores to the exchequer by tweaking the figure of  minimum pension. This is a shameful attempt to exploit our ignorance and disciplined behaviour.
If some people can independently verify  the above calculation, then AFVAI will be able to  take it up with the one man judicial commission (OMJC) already appointed by the GOI, for necessary correction. We can also confirm the correctness of the above calculation and expose this unscrupulous design by asking for details of the  minimum pension earned by an X group Sgt with 15 years of service, retired in the calendar year 2013.
Sgt M P Karan
Karnataka Chapter AFVAI.

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  1. It can not be less than 9100/.It is not calculated correctly by the calculators.