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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Armed Forces Veteran Association of India (AFVAI)Charter

Version 2.0                                                                                                 Dated 7-Sep-15


This association has been conceptualized and created on this day of 16thApr 2015 to address the common problem of defence veterans and their widows for non-commissioned ranks of three armed forces of Indian Union. It was realised that Voice of Veterans and serving personnel in terms of OR & JCO is not getting conveyed to authorities in Govt. Since today’s soldier is tomorrow’s veterans and serving soldier has no right to convey its concern to government directly, it became necessary to have some platform which can address the issue of Soldier, Sailor and Airman.
The terms Armed Forces Veteran (AFV) used here shall necessary mean the non-commissioned rank of army (from Sepoy to Sub Maj), Navy (Seman II to Master Chief Petty Officer-I& equivalent) and Airforce( LAC to Mast Warrant Officer). This organization shall work for welfare activity of AFV’s including Widows. The welfare of widows shall always take prominence over all other activity.
The organization shall keep in touch with Central Govt, Sate Govt, Private Sector and any other organization which it found necessary for carrying out the welfare activity. The organization shall extend its support and take support from other organization also in larger interest of AFVs.

The organization shall receive its financial assistance through donation from veterans and also through CSR.

     Organization Chart

                                                                   HFO MP Sharma

     Margdarshak Mandal

(GS Sidhu-Ex HonNbSubedar)

Vice Chairman
                                                               Hon Capt Harbans Singh

General Secretory
(SK Singh-ex PO)
Joint Secretary
(Diwan Singh – ExNb Sub)

 Chapter President
                                                                     Chapter Secretary
     District Unit
  Margdarshak Mandal:

A group of three senior members is formed to supervise and advise the organisation for its future course of action. The members of Margdarashak Mandal is as below-

Þ     MP Sharma - Head of Margdarshak Mandal
Þ     Mohana Rangan - Member
Þ     MB Chandramenon– Member

Margdarshak Mandal will play an advisory role in the organisation and will guide the office bearer of AFVAI in their functioning. However decision of Governing Body, by majority, will be binding to all members of AFVAI


1      NAME

The name of the Organisation shall be "ARMED FORCES VETERANS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA" (AFVAI) hereinafter referred to as "The Veteran’sAssociation".


Every subscriber to the Memorandum of the Society, every member of the Governing Body and every person who believes in the aims and objects of this society and whom the Governing Body may admit as member shall be members of the society.

1.2      Membership Fee

The rate of subscription for all the members shall be Rs. 200 payable only at the time of enrolment as a member. This membership will be valid for life time from the date of receiving subscription by AFVAI

1.3      Eligibility of Membership

1.    Any person who has served in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force in the non-commissioned rank (from Sepoy to Sub Maj including Honorary Commission and its equivalent in Navy and Air force) and has retired/released under normal course, is solvent, of sound mind and has not been convicted by a Court of Law in a criminal case, shall be eligible to become a member of the “The Veterans’ Association”.
2.    Commissioned officer (Lieutenant to General in Army and it equivalent in Navy and Air Force) shall not be inducted in the organization as an active member of Association.
3.    Widows of such personnel, who would otherwise have been eligible, may become honorary members of the association.

1.3.1      Honorary Members

The widow of a deceased Armed Forces Veteran is entitled to be an Honorary Member without payment of any subscription. The Governing body may, at its discretion, invite eminent person to become the Honorary Member of the Association. The Honorary Member can be invited to any General Body Meeting, but will not have voting rights.

1.3.2      Member Institutions

The Governing body may at its discretion invite certain institutions as members of the Association for a specified period. The basic rationale for Member Institutions would be to draw on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards funding for the Veterans’ Association   and getting courses/training for Armed Forces Veterans/widows/NOKs gratis, or at subsidised rates.

1.4      Cessation of Membership

A person shall cease be a member of the society by resignation, death, disqualification, insolvency or liquidation or for nonattending without taking leave for absence, three consecutive meetings of the General Body as the case may be. A member shall be deemed to have become disqualified, if in the view of the other members expressed by a resolution of the majority of the total number of the governing body members, he is of unsound mind, or has worked against the aims and objects of the society or has committed an act, which makes it undesirable to have him as member or his membership cease to be in the interest of the society.

1.5      Re-Admission.

A person whose life membership/member ship has been terminated or who has resigned from such membership may be required by the Governing Body to pay the subscription again, if his application for re-admission to life-membership/member ship is approved at any later date.

1.6      Refusal

The Governing Body of the society may refuse any person the membership provided the Governing Body records the reasons for such refusal.

2      Governing Body of the Association

      i.        The management of the affairs of the association shall vest in the Governing Body. The Governing Body shall consist of not less than 3 and not more than 50 members who shall be elected by the members of the association or nominated by Margdarshak Mandal.
     ii.        Term of Governing Bodies Members: The members of the Governing Body shall hold office for a term of 2 (two) years from the dates of their appointment and shall be eligible for re-appointment. Unless otherwise decided by the Governing Body, a member of the Governing Body shall continue to be in office after the expiry of his term until his successor has been appointed.
    iii.        Vacancy of Governing Body: In case a member of the Governing Body resigns, dies, ceases to be a member or vacates office otherwise, the vacancy may be filled by the Governing Body by nomination for the balance term.
   iv.        Powers of the Governing Body: Without prejudice to the generality of the powers of the Governing Body to do such things as it may consider necessary or shall be expedient for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the society, the governing body exercise the following powers.
(a)  Defray the expenses of the association activities and make contribution from the funds of the society to any other trust or society or association having objects similar to those of the society.
(b)  Invest/deposit such funds of the society as may not be immediately required in such manner as may be determined by the Governing Body from time to time subject to any statutory restrictions and realize or vary such investments.
(c)  Borrow moneys for the purpose of the association and if necessary, create lien on the society assets for the purpose.
(d)  Appoint and, at the discretion, remove or suspend employees of all categories of the association and, from time to time determine their powers and duties and fix their remuneration and terms of employment.
(e)  Delegate any of its powers to such committees or sub-committees as it may constitute consisting of such members and orto any member of the Governing Body or office bearer of the society.
The Governing Body shall meet as and when a meeting is convened by the chairman or is requisitioned by at least three members of the governing body provided that it shall meet at least once in12 calendar months.
   vi.        NOTICE FOR MEETING:
At least 30 days’ notice shall be given for a meeting of the Governing Body, but a meeting may be called by the chairman without any notice in case of exigencies.

  vii.        QUORUM FOR MEETING:
Þ     It is resolved that 25 members of Governing Body or 25% of total GB Members, which over is less, will form Quoram to conduct AGM of AFVAI or meeting of Governing Body to conduct any business.
Þ     The quorum for any other meeting will also be of 25 life members or 25% of the life members, whichever is lower, will form quoram. However any resolution passed during such meeting will have to get ratified in GB Meeting or AGM meeting.
 viii.        DECISIONS:
The Governing Body shall take decisions by a vote of the majority. Every member shall have one vote and in case of a tie, chairman of the meeting shall also have a casting vote.
A resolution by the majority of the members of the Governing Body after circulation amongst all the member for the time being in India, shall be an effective and binding as resolution passed at a meeting of the Governing Body.

3      Functions of General Body of the Association

      i.        To prepare annual programs and policies.
     ii.        To discuss and to decide all such matters and issues which are directly or indirectly related to the affairs of the association.
    iii.        To pass annual budget of the association.
   iv.        To appoint a qualified auditor for conducting annual audit of the association.
    v.        To consider any other business brought forward by the Governing Body members.


The Association shall have the following office bearers.
1.    Margdarshak Mandal
2.    Chairman
3.    Vice Chairman
4.    General Secretary
5.    Treasurer
6.    Joint Secretary
7.    Chapter President

5      Chairman

The Chairman of the association shall be the Chairman of the Governing Body and vice-versa. All the office bearers of the association shall be elected in theGeneral Body meeting.

6      The office bearers as specified in clause 4 above shall have the following powers / functions.

7      Duties of Chairman:

He shall preside all the meetings of the General Body.In case of equality of votes in any meeting he shall have a casting vote.He shall supervise work of other office bearers of the society.
      i.        He shall preside all the meetings of the General Body and Governing Body.
     ii.        In case of equality of votes in any meeting he shall have a casting vote.
    iii.        He shall supervise work of other office bearers of the association.
   iv.        He will have complete administrative and financial control of the Association.
    v.        He would advise/direct the office bearers towards:-
a.    Fund raising.
b.    Image building of the Armed Forces Veterans.
c.    Any other relevant issues considered necessary by him.
   vi.        He would take decisions on the urgent issues, which will be submitted to the Governing body for its ratification

8      Duties General Secretary

      i.        He shall represent the association.
     ii.        He shall keep and maintain all records including the register of members, minutes books etc.
    iii.        He shall undertake all type of correspondence on behalf of the association.
   iv.        He shall convene the meetings of General body and shall also inform every member regarding the time, date, venue etc. of the meeting.
    v.        He shall perform all other functions as may be assigned to him.

9      Duties of Treasurer

He shall collect subscriptions, gifts, grant / aids / donations etc., from the members, general public and he shall also be responsible for keeping and maintaining true and correct accounts of the society. He shall be responsible for all legal & regulatory compliances of account.

10   Vice Chairman

Vice chairman shall be responsible to Chairman and will carry out duties as assigned to him from time to time by Chairman.

11   Chapter President

AFVAI will have its state units also and will be named as "Chapters" after respective state name. Eg. Karnataka Chapter. State unit will be headed by a President and assisted by a Secretary.
Þ     Chapter president will be wholly responsible to Chairman&Margdarshk Mandal and will be responsible for all state affairs. He shall promote membership drive in the state
Þ     Fund raising in the state
Þ     Coordination with State Government

12   Cheque Signing Authority

All cheques will be signed by Treasurer mandatorily and any one among General Secretary and Chairman before presenting to Bank. Two signatories are must. Expenditure (i.e. bills) related to petty cash up to Rs 3000(Three Thousand) can be approved by any two of signatories of cheque. Expenditures above to this amount will be approved by Finance Committee prior to use.

13   Financial Year

The account of the society shall be prepared from Ist April to 31st March, every year.


14   Audit

The annual accounts of the association shall be audited by any Chartered Accountants appointed as auditor of the association

15    The provision applicable to Governing body shall apply mutates mutandis to general meetings.

16   Annual List

Every year a list of Governing body office bearers and members shall be filed in the Office of Registrar of Societies Delhi as required U/S 4 SR Act, of 1860.

17   Amendment

Any amendment in the memorandum of rules this association shall be carried out in accordance with procedure laid down U/S 12 and 12A of SR Act, of 1860.

18   Legal Proceeding

The society may sue or be sued in the name of its president as required U/S 6 of SR Act of 1860.


The income of the society from its property of donations, whatsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the society as set out in its Memorandum of Association and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to the persons who at any time are or have been members of the society or to any of them or any person claiming through any of them.

20   Finance Committee

A finance committee headed Sri MP Sharma and assisted by General Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Heads of - West Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will supervise the finances of AFVAI. All major expenses will be approved by Finance Committee by majority. This committee shall advise to Chairman and General Secretary on financial health of organisation. Representation of State unit will be in rotation and minimum three states will always have representation in finance committee. It may also conduct internal audit of the account at six monthly interval or as decided by chairman for smooth functioning of account. Treasurer will facilitate the audit and provide all records and fact to Financial Committee. The members of Finance Committee will be as follows:
1.    Chief Patron – Head of Committee
2.    General Secretary – Member
3.    Vice Chairman – Member
4.    Chapter Head of Any three state on rotation basis as decided by Chairman & General Secretary. This rotation shall be after duration of 2 years.
In absence of any of the member of finance committee, chairman may appoint another member in place of him with due consultation of Margdarshak Mandal.

21   Technical Committee

A technical committee headed by General Secretary and a member as required by de facto topic  will be responsible for providing all clarification to members of AFVAI

22   Affiliation of Units with AFVAI

Affiliation of any sister unit organisation with AFVAI will be charge @ Rs.1000. However this amount can be relaxed to any extent with approval of Chairman and "Margdarshak Mandal" so as to strengthen the presence of AFVAI.


The society may be dissolved in according with procedure laid down U/S 13 & 14 of SR Act. Of 1860.


No member of the Governing Body shall be answerable or personally liable for any loss arising from the administration or application of the funds and properties of the association unless such loss or damage is caused through willful default or breach of trust or culpable negligence on his part.


All the provision of the societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 Act, as extended to the National Territory of Delhi, will apply to this association.

26   Voting Rights

Life Members shall have the voting rights at the General Body Meetings of the association. Honorary members and Member Institutions may attend such meetings when called upon, but shall have no voting rights.

27   Appeal

A person whose application for admission or re-admission to Life-Membership/member ship has been rejected by the office bearers of association or any member who considers himself to be aggrieved by any order of or action by any office bearer may within in three month time apply to the Governing body giving full details of his case and the Governing body may take such action or pass such instruction on it as they may deem fit. The decision shall be final and communicated by the general secretary in writing.

28   Register of Members

The applications duly completed by the veterans will be retained by the respective charters to which the member belongs. However, a register of members of the association will be maintained by the General Secretary in a suitable format, showing separately, in respect of the Life-members, Honorary Members and Institutional Members, the dates of admission, personal particulars, date of payment of subscription where applicable, and the date, if any, on which the name of the member was struck off or he ceases to be a member, together with the reasons thereof shall be maintained by the Secretary and shall be open to inspection by members at all reasonable times


The Senior Most and Honorable Members who had contributed to the cause of Armed Forces Veterans will be Chief Patron and Patron of the Association.

30   Invitation

 In addition to the normal members of the body, the chairman may invite people who are not members of the Governing body, but may be required to contribute to the proceedings of the Governing body Meeting.
We undersigned, persons Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Governing body certify that this is a correct copy of RULES AND REGULATION of  “ARMED FORCES VETERANS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (AFVAI)

NAME                                     Portfolio                                   SIGNATURE


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  1. Sir, Most banks endorse the wrong PPO or not as per the AF regulation and this is causing problems for the jeevan pramaan, OROP and its arrears payment. SBT Kerala is endorsing wrong PPO and this is the biggest problems. This matter should be taken up with the concerned and intimate please. Matter was repeatedly taken up with the banks and they are not listening.