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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Open Letter to Hon'able PM & RM

The Hon'able Prime Minister &
Hon'able Raksha Mantri


Dear sir,

I we all know that stagnancy is a major issue where the carrier is stalled during the course of carrier.

In Armed forces beside the shortened span of carrier this problem is prominent in both the Commissioned Ranks & JCOs & Other Ranks.

Both the above segments have fewer vacancies on top side. 
The problem is duration of engagement while in employment..
The problem is some what mitigated for Commissioned Rank segment but still not fully resolved as the promotion prospects are still the same.
They can serve upto the age of 57 years now (without being force retired) this is as good as full age of retirement which 58 years.
Young Officer become a Major in 8 years & Lt Col in 13 years & can go upto Col in TS & equivalent Ranks in other 2 forces 

The picture is very poor for JCOs & ORs.
The stagnancy is most felt in ranks of Rank of Naik & Havildar & equivalent Ranks in all the 3 Armed forces.
It takes 12 to 18 years to become Havildar & equivalent 
It takes 20 -24 years to reach the rank of JCO that too only if one survives forced retirement.
There is no (TS), time scale  promotions in JCOs & ORs segment.
There is no assurance for ORs on retirement at maximum age of 58 years for ORs 

This problem of stagnancy is migratory in JCOs & below Ranks some time it is one rank & shift to the other ranks.

Historically this can be traced back to the irregular & sudden influx of recruitment which could not be projected& planned in advance.
Since we could not foresee the WAR with China & may not foresee with any other.country where the expansion or increased induction may be required suddenly.This type of induction is always a trouble as the future promotion can not be to the same volume.

We can reasonably assess our security requirements.

The problem of stagnancy still persists in both the segments even with normal induction as fewer can only be promoted to the higher Ranks while remaining will stagnate.

Effect on morale:
We also see the younger Officers, even though promoted faster now, are unable to handle the situation like an experienced hand would do.This is more prevalent in Ranks upto the Major & equivalent in other forces.

We must appreciate that the JCOs are the back bone & an important link between the High Officials & the Lower Ranks. &

a. JCOs are the most experienced of the lot.
b. The JCO with more than 24 years of service is placed below a young inexperienced Commissioned Officer which has a demoralizing effect not only on the JCOs but on the other lower Ranks too.
c. This also has created n invisible rift between the 2 segments.We may agree or not but it does exit & can touch my heart & say.
d. Commissioned Ranks especially high profiled or otherwise failed to live upto their pledge they make to keep the interest of their subordinates above their own & only used the name of soldier who are forced retire right form the age of 32.
e.  The partisan attitude also observed.
it is only the soldiers who start to retire at 32 age not the Commissioned Officer.
Now the problems of many Emergency Commissioned & Short service Commissioned is being solved by lowering the bar to 10 years.
What about the Airmen who served for 9 years of regular engagement are left out ?

The Solutions:
Problem of stagnancy in both segments can be resolved & experience can be available in the lower Commissioned Ranks.

A. Lower ranks should be promoted upto the Rank of Major & equivalent in normal promotion avenue.
B. Direct Entry officers can be restricted to lesser number.
C. Stopping all the Honorary Ranks from the lower Ranks.
D. Regularize all the Honorary Ranks as regular promotions.
E. Stopping Regiment & Branch Commissions.
F. Make the time scale promotion for all if they have qualified & meet the ACR criteria.
G. Older soldiers JCOs if qualify at the time of their retirement should also get the this benefit.

How to make Time scale promotion
Maximum span of carrier is 40 years (the difference between Min induction age=18 max age of retirement=58)
Maximum number of Ranks upto Major & equivalent =11  add 1 for equal residency hence use 12 for calculation
Equal Residency in each Rank  40/12=3 years & 3 months.
Even though actual promotion vacancy does not exist the financial benefits should be given. 

I.    The experienced hand is available in the lower Commissioned Ranks beside inexperienced new Officers.
II.  New & younger officer can learn from the rich experience of their colleagues in more congenial atmosphere.
III.  This will not cause stagnancy since these officers will anyway retire by their age.
IV. Since these JCOs will be promoted through normal promotion avenues will have good psychological effect on the morale of the lower ranks too.
V.  If you give the benefit to retired JCOs then the effect moral boosting will multiply since you will have taken care of them too.

Hardev Singh
President AFVAI Chandigarh

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